Pure Life Photography started solely with my love for taking photos of people and animals. What began as a small hobby, blossomed into a passion and fascination with portrait photography. My son taught me a lot about photographing people. Watching him grow and documenting his life has helped me foster an understanding of how to capture an individual’s personality.

Everybody has a story to tell, be it welcoming home a new baby, spending time hanging with their pets, or just plain lounging around. There is beauty in all of it. The essence of what I do is to capture people in their natural relaxed state, living life. 

I don’t offer staged studio photography, I’d much rather capture someone experiencing their home or nature.  I also don’t overly touch up my photos…well, unless a client asks for it. ☺

I also really love taking photos of guitars! So if you have a cherished
musical instrument or a family heirloom, I’d love to photograph it. 

Thanks for stopping by!